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Package design plays a crucial role in the development of a brand's identity. In this course, learn how to approach a package design project, and create a memorable design that accurately reflects your brand and stands out from the competition.


Gerardo Herrera explains the basic roles of packaging, and goes into what makes a successful package. He also dives into branding and package format, discussing how to understand the competition, choose a form that communicates your brand, determine if you should use stock packages or go the custom route, and find the right packaging vendor for your needs.


From there, he gets into the details of package design, discussing elements such as color, typography, and texture, and how they contribute to delivering positive shelf impact for your brand.

Preview the Course _Paperboard Food Packaging

Food packaging has very specific requirements regarding labeling, size, and materials. On top of that, package designs need to tell the story of the brand and leap out at customers from supermarket shelves. Successful food packaging attracts

customers, communicates the brand's unique story, stands out on the shelf, and meets all the essential FDA requirements.

This course explores the process of designing packaging for food that prints and presents beautifully while safely containing and protecting the contents.


Instructor Gerardo Herrera—the packaging design director for Pasadena ArtCenter College of Design—starts by analyzing the requirements: the brand, the product, the target market, and many other factors that will help determine the direction the package should go. Once a concept is developed, he jumps into the design tools, like Adobe Illustrator, and starts building the packaging. By following along with this hands-on project, you can learn how to choose the right packaging forms, messaging, imagery, color, materials, and prototyping tools and think critically about how the user will interact with the product.

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