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Explore AI - Insights, Workflows, and Techniques

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Welcome AI Explorers

I look forward to sharing, answering questions, and working with you on my Discord, IG, and or LinkedIn channels to explore with me the Intersection of Design & AI and the opportunities that arise when AI, design, and packaging converge. Love to work with you all on how AI can enrich design and packaging processes, from concept to production, and discusses the advantages and challenges of integrating AI into creative workflows. 

If you have not seen any one of my presentations that I have done for the Decoded  Webinar Series or for the HOW Design Live Conference, I talk about the following:

  1. Discover how AI can enhance the design and packaging process. 

  2. Learn about the potential benefits and challenges of integrating AI into creative workflows. 

  3. Gain valuable insights and techniques for leveraging AI in your design and packaging projects.

I also provide resources/links for you to learn from some amazing people that I have had the opportunity to talk about this early on when playing with Generative AI. Of course, I will be working on sharing some of my new resources that I am working on for all of you. 

For now, you can jump on over to my Discord channel if you want to play and pick up some resources there.

If you would like me to drop in to provide an overview for your in-house design team, studio, or organization please reach out as I love to facilitate ai, innovation, packaging, and team workshops for you. And if you prefer 1 on 1 just send me a mail so I can learn a bit more about you and your goals.

Quick Links to get you started:

(more links in my pdf resource)

To get you kicked off in your exploration of AI text-to-image tools here are some of the top 3 AI platforms for you to get acquainted with currently:


>Dreamstudio by Stability AI

>Dall•E 2



For Professional Enterprise Brand Solutions:

I highly recommend the following:  Brand  Ai Platform
AI trained on your Business.

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